Tract Announces Acquisition of 8,590 Acres within Storey County to Secure Long-Term Growth in Northern Nevada

DENVER (June 18, 2024) Tract, a developer of master-planned data center parks, today announced its acquisition of an 8,590-acre project within Storey County, NV, which closed in February.  The future development site is located between the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center (TRIC) and the Virginia City Highlands, southeast of Lockwood.  The land is zoned for industrial use with a wide range of pre-approved uses, inclusive of data centers and commercial energy production.

“This acquisition provides a unique opportunity for Tract to create a master-planned site responsive to the requirements of the next generation of hyperscale data center design,” explained Grant van Rooyen, CEO of Tract. “The location, zoning, and scale of the site allow us the flexibility to support multiple use cases looking over the horizon of data center architecture.”

With the acquisition of this site, Tract has assembled over 11,000 acres across three separate projects in the greater Reno market, investing in hyperscale capacity at an unrivaled scale.

About Tract:

Tract is the trusted partner for accelerating responsible technology infrastructure. We create opportunities that bring economic development to communities.

As technology becomes a larger part of our lives and economy, Tract provides master-planned data center parks to facilitate speed and certainty in developing new data center capacity. We work with hyperscalers and operators, local communities, landowners, and energy companies to incorporate long-term planning and scaled sites in a way that streamlines development cycles and benefits all stakeholders.

We believe that master planned development projects must be strategically coordinated with long-term vision and commitments. Our team brings together curated, operational capabilities and essential expertise in planning, development, energy, digital infrastructure, and real estate to achieve end-to-end coordination with our partners.  

Tract is headquartered in Denver, CO, and works with communities across the U.S.

Tract. Accelerating Responsible Infrastructure.

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