Stronger and More Vibrant Communities


Tract focuses on communities that are looking for ways to invest in and attract predictable growth by funding new infrastructure, education, and economic development.


Our Shared Vision Is Thriving Communities

When Cloud and Wholesale Data Centers invest in a Tract-owned parcel, everyone benefits. And, as data centers grow, the positive impact on surrounding neighborhoods becomes progressively more significant.

The Lasting Benefits of Data Centers

Property Tax Influx

Data centers are highly capital intensive, creating large investments in Real Property (buildings/infrastructure) and Personal Property (servers and network equipment), the latter of which is generally refreshed every 3 years.

Skilled Job Creation

Modern data centers require highly paid, skilled workers for routine operation and maintenance. A recent study also highlighted four jobs are created outside the data center for every job in a data center, as ecosystems of large and small businesses develop around data centers.

Low Impact Industrial Activity

Data centers are highly automated and do not have many visitors. They provide a big bang for the buck with limited traffic impact compared with logistics facilities or warehouses.

Thoughtful Land Stewardship

Tract has partnered with a leading solar developer to pre-position renewable power generation married to the data center land and encourage the transition to cooling designs with lower water consumption.

Land First, Plan Second, Success Third.

We cannot succeed without landowner partners who want what’s best for their communities. If you want real and lasting change for your city or township, we want to hear from you.