Sustainable, Reliable Speed


Cloud growth demands massive physical infrastructure projects to be delivered in the right places at the right time. Tract is at the center of it all—we are the catalyst for sustainable land use intentionally focused on data center planning and integration into local communities.

We know what it takes to deliver world-class data centers, and it all starts with land.


By acquiring and conditioning land specifically for data center construction and commissioning, Tract saves time for hyperscalers and data center developers.


From optimal energy use to zoning, permitting, and responsible water consumption, Tract takes everything into account so you don’t have to worry.


Renewable power pre-positioned and reserved for data center use on the land helps ease the burden on Cloud Providers and Wholesale Data Centers, who have led the transition to renewable energy.


Shifting Focus Back to Competitive Advantage

Data centers need land in specific regions as their networks grow. Buying shovel-ready development sites in these locations as a product drives speed but also allows Cloud Providers and Enterprises to focus their attention on differentiating based on what is inside the data center, rather than on what is outside the data center.

Site selection just got simpler and faster.

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